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PS8 Steam
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The Emco SL Lathe

Tiny lathe but very capable, and soon to be more capable with luck.  I am planning to add stepper motors to this and control the lathe from an Arduino.

Generally two distinct ways of doing this: one is to use a CAD/CAM package (such as Fusion 360) and a smooth-stepper to drive the lathe, the other option is a simple control box with options to face, turn and perhaps cut threads.

I am going for the second option first.

Progress notes and pictures

13th Nov 2019
Brackets and stepper motors attached to the SL Lathe.  Simple Arduino and a LH298 bridge to control one stepper motor at this stage and all works well!
16th Nov 2019
The Ardiuno and the two stepper motor drivers all mounted together with a small SMTP 12V 5A power supply.   I also completed a simple 'console' with six buttons and a 2 line by 16 character LCD display.  I am using a pair of the TB6560 stepper drivers - these are available everywhere, but work well.
The plan is to show the 'DRO' settings (X & Y position) and the spindle RPM on the top line.  Line two will show current option selected and 'label' the button functions in the current mode.
19th Nov 2019
Changed my mind and I have a 4 line x 20 char LCD display.  Gives me more room for DRO bits and the menus.  I have a nice metal slope front enclosure to put it all in as well!
24th Nov 2019
Short video uploaded of the stepper motors in place and tormenting the SL lathe.
1st December 2019
Revised the control box as an all in one unit.  The keypad on the front isn't connected yet, but I suspect I will need a means of entering a decimal value.

(C) 2018 Kevin Murrell
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